* FANS *

Monday, October 1, 2012


Today, Im out of mood actually. As early as 3am, Im already up ... not becos Qis wants her milk but becos this terrible, horrible migraine has come n struck me while I m still sleeping. Damn u Mig!! Tried to get myself to my slumberland, the enormous pain has suddenly become unbearable but I didnt give up to try soothe myself to get that short sleep b4 i finally had to get out of bed fr my kids school.
By 5.20am, Im already up to wake them and yes w that bad headache still there. Even by going down the stairs, I cud feel the pound n seriously, its getting to my nerves n making me pissed. I tried not to think to much abt it n start to do my basic chores which then made me give up n decided to get to bed again. 
Once my kids are all off to school, I laid down on my nice comfy bed, hoping that I wud eventually fall asleep again just to make sure that Miss. Mig will go away. But still I lose. 7.30am i decided to get down n hang the laundries. By then hub's already off to work. The pain had gone all the way to my neck n to my shoulder. I cud feel my right shoulder feeling very tight n heavy.. Urrghh I really2 hate this pain. I wud rather go thru labor pain than this!!! Already popped my migraine pills twice, it's stubborn enuff to keep staying. 
I just ignored the pain n finished up all my chores including cooking. Took my lunch n popped another pill n then crossed my fingers n waited for the migraine to be gone. Now, its already 4.30pm, n it has yet to go away. **Sigh**
Anyway, just a short story to share, my younger brother is currently in LA. Yesterday called me up thru Viber to confirm shoesizes fr my kiddos. Yup all three... as he wanted to get them shoes from there. And he did... he got them VANS shoes. Kids nowadays are all pampered by their uncles.. lol. He did sent me the picts and these are the shoes. 
Far left is Qistina's, centre is for Dyna's and far right is Danish's. 
Cool arent they?? And the best part, its cheaper over there. Informed by brother, that it cost abt US$20 per pair in LA. Cheaper isnt it....? ;) ;) ;)