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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Haaahhhh.... B4 I start typing abt a hot topic debated yesterday, nie nak kasitau sikit.. I'm still lying on my comfy bed now at 6.30am, covering myself with a nice warm comforter on a rather cold morning. Mcm best gitu kan...? Of course its best. He he he. Qis is just next to me sleeping peacefully on my bed too cos tadi at 6am, she had just finished her milk.

She fall back asleep immediately so aku like a 'speeding bullet' terus wake Dyan up fr her solat Subuh. Den quickly I went downstairs, brush my teeth, took my wudhu', poured a cup of water, grabbed my 'stupid-stubborn-migraine-dat-simply-wont-stop-bugging-me' pills n went up again to my bedroom. Done with my Subuh prayer, popped my pills and now here I am.

Urrgghhhh dis headache.....I hate it so much!!!!! Cos each time if it came, which rite now its on my left, all around my left eye is in terrible, pounding pain. Dats not all, all the way from my left eyebrow to the back of my head and from behind my left ear all the way down to my neck den to my left shoulders are in so much agony now. Only Allah knows how its like.... Hate it hate it hate it!!! And the light from my phone as I typed is making it worst.. Will continue later abt the hot topic later once Im slightly better aight.

Yeay..!!! Dah ilang pon migraine nie. Happy nyerrrrrr..... Yerlah mana tak ilang.. dah berpil2 aku mkn. Ha ha ha. K k.. nie nak talk pasal hot topic yesterday. Topic nyer: Semua ibu boleh jadi both ibu dan juga ayah dlm satu masa TAPI tak semua ayah boleh jadi ayah dan juga ibu dlm satu masa. Agree atau Disagree..... Hehehe.. ternyata biasa lah dah jadi lumrah hidup si sang ayah nie mesti nak back up kaum sendiri kan dan si sang ibu nak back up kaum sendiri jgk. Masing2 nak ckp yang drg boleh buat both tugas seorang ayah dan juga seorang ibu. Tapi back to reality, kita nie manusia biasa tak lepas dari kesilapan dan juga kekurangan diri. Tapi memang dari segi mata kasar, lebih ramai ibu yang can be both mom and dad at one time if we compare to the dads' kan..... Memang hot topic nie masa aku opened it up kat FB. Yang encountered bad experience will definitely say "Yes they agree" with my statement but yang have been having good encounters will say that "no they disagree". Ader juga opinions dari warga2 yang lebih mkn garam dari kita dat disagree with dat statement and of course tu sbb they dpt all good experience and husbands dat can do womens' job and responsibilities as well. Then again, not all apples are bad in the same basket right *winks winks*. Anyway, tu sekadar opinions and feedbacks lah. Its not meant to be a debate. Just sekadar change of opinions with each other jer. Tapi best kan bila kita bukak one topic and there are lots of response from it.. Hehehe. At least aku ader lah bahan untuk tulis kat blog nie... betol tak?? ;).

Oleh kerana masa time aku dah bukak topic tu and it became a very hot debate between niece and aunt, hehehe terpaksa lah aku cut the conversation (tompang lalu lah) utk reda kan situasi tu. I believe if I dont do that, sure it gets really heat up. Keh keh keh.... Anyway, from the response between all dat comments kan... i see that 95% said they agree with my statement and only abt 5% disagree with it. Hmmm I shud come up with a better topic lah so dat the response will be better.. he he he. Nak jadi active blogger mcm Abg Mazidul(u can check his blog) kene lah cari bahan to write. But bahan tu must be relevant and correct lah kan.. kalau tak, tak pasal2 nanti kene sue pulak. Ha Ha Ha. Baru padan muka aku. But if any of u all dat read this posting kan, what do u think of the topic dat I brought up tu. Do you AGREE or DISAGREE??? I need comments from u all yang baca this posting jugak. Bukan utk tegakkan who is right or who is wrong but just nak share pendapat jer. Tak salahkan to share view.. :).

So, yahh tu lah yang I want to talk abt. But its great when you have something to blog up rather than the same thing again and again kan. Currently, hubby is watching his favourite show - FOOTBALL lah aper lagi!!! Tott'ham VS Chelsea (his fav team). Dyan is with her lappy, Danish with my phone Youtube-ing and Qis is lying on her her mattress, drinking her milk and I think wants to take her short nap (although its already 9pm) cos she will be awake in abt 30mins time b4 her final night sleep. 

Tadi in the afternoon, I was out to Summit sbb tekak mcm nak eat TAUFUFA(tauhui lah kalau dlm bahasa singapore). Only kat situ jer yang memang absolutely marvellous. Tempat lain I dun see yang can beat them. U shud try lah. Go to Summit at Subang Jaya. Its at Ground Floor if Im not wrong. Hahaha. Tau pegi jer tak take note tingkat baper. Even Qis love it too. As usual for me is taufufa with white sugar (share with Qis), taufufa with brown sugar for hubby, warm soya drink for Danish and glutinous rice stuffed with chocolate and dip in soya bean milk for Dyan. Ikotkan hati, memang tak cukup kalau satu mangkok tu hehehehe. Kalau boleh nak bermangkok2 ah. 

So tadi tu just jalan2 at Summit tu, have some soya and then bought PS3 Little Big Planet2 for Danish. Dah penat jln, went back straight home. Tomorrow agenda blom tau lagi. No planning yet .... hehehe. But for sure takder at home lah. Boring you kalau stay at home jer. Dah lah weekdays I'm stuck in my own home hahahaha. 

K lah, Qis pon dah pengsan nie. Im out of here for now. Till then, Stay healthy, Stay happy and Stay 'clean'. Adios Amigos..!!!! :)