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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

~~ WHAT A DAY ~~

Well wat a day to start. First dah terbabas for 20mins early this morning. Am supposed to wake at 5.20am to wake the kids (my usual routine - org lain takleh buat dat job), sekali suddenly awaken bcos of a 'nuisance' nightmare (but lucky lah if not sure dah terbabas sampai sunrise), 'tuptup' see my watch, "Alamak!!! Its 5.40am already." Quickly I got up n went over to kids room to wake them. Sekali tgk, Ouhh they are already downstairs taking their bath n getting ready for school. U know lah kids kan no matter how many alarms or how loud the alarms are, they will never wake up on their own. Im not sure about other kids, but mine - kalau dah tido, tido mati!!! Bom meletop pon confirm tak bgn jugak. But some parents wont or dun want to understand this. Its our duty as parents to make sure the kids are up to go to school. And no matter how old they are. Ohh well... 
Anyway, the kids are all ready on time just minutes b4 the bus arrived. Lucky me that my Ms. Mig is finally gone back to where she belongs. Bad Ms. Mig!! Dun u ever come back to me!! 
I've already done all my chores as usual (boring kan - everyday same routine) by now nearly 2pm except for frying the chickens since my lil princess is currently asleep. So let her have her slumber first. Today's menu, i tot of cooking "Ayam kicap" but since the weather is rather hot today, I ended up cooking Veggie & fishball soup n fried chicken which I think is a better choice during a hot day like this, isnt it?? *winks*.
Hub's on his morning shift 8am- 5 pm and he wont be back as usual since he needs to go fetch my FIL from my SIL house. And the best part is, my FIL was only there fr 3 days and yet there's so much problem abt him not being well. Whereas when he was here w me, he was perfectly alright n eating well. Im not saying that Im good in taking care of him but the fact is always like dat. Im wondering y.... Well its not up to me to say anything isnt it. (Nanti byk cakap, org benci pulak sbb kita nie hanya anak menantu/adik ipar). So lebih baik diam dari berkata aper2. Betol tak???? *winks lagi*
In the first place, I've already told my FIL not to sleep over to their place. Its not that I dun allow but the fact is there wont be anyone taking care of him there. So since Im the 'taitai' here, might as well. At least, I can have a good breakfast every morning he he he. Again, Oh well........
Ok, now time for me to fry some chickens b4  Danish is back from school. Dat fella needs his lunch right after he reaches home. So I better get going. Will post up some picts of what I cook. Nothing fancy tho... ;)

Ok, here's the dishes. Just something simple today.
Spicy Fried Chicken

Veggie & Fishball Soup

Jadilah kan, hehehe yg penting perut kenyang *winks winks winks* ;)