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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

~~ Hot Day Again ~~

This morning, I was already awake at 4.45am cos as normal, Qis milk time. Woke up w a 'spin in the head', I walked wobbly to prepare her milk. (Nasib baik tak tergolek cos dah terhoyong hayang). Done w that, while awaiting for her to go to bed again, I looked at my clock n its already 5.15am; took my hp, off the alarm since I wont be going back to sleep again n waited for Qis to finally reach her slumberland. By the time I cud finally get up to wake up the kids, its already 5.40am n both the kids were getting ready to go to school. I dragged myself up to my room again with the sounds of 'clicks' to my right knee, went into the room n laid down fr abit b4 I cud placed Qis into her cot. (Tu satu permaisuri - nak kene tunggu dia tido betol den baru boleh angkat n letakkan dia dlm cot. Cos if not, sure dia bangun balik.)

At about 6.30am, I then went down to take my bath after placing Qis to where she was supposed to be n started my daily chores. With a very quiet moment, I woke Mr. Hubby up (no no no.. not wat u think of ya - stop with the naughty ideas), I let Mr. Hubby listen to my right knee 'clicks'. Once hearing that, he became very 'kanchong' n insisted to sending me to the hospital for checkup. He said, "We have to get the specialist check on ur knee. Wont want it to get worst." I just simply smiled. The thought of going there, n if there's something wrong w it, going into the room w so many lights n oxygen mask n knives.. Ewwww it really scares me. As I always said, I'm willing to go thr labor pain n not other unbearable pain stuffs. Am still considering it .... and each time I thought abt it, my heart goes "DUB DUB!! DUB DUB!!". (Macam nak putus jantung tau.) Oh well, I still have time to think abt it I hope.. "Oh pls Mrs. Right Knee, pls behave urself."

Danish came back from school today right on time. Once reached home, he told me that he had vomitted in school... (Urgghh.. again..). Im not sure wats wrong with him. Every now n then, he will sure to vomit. Cud it be due to too much wind in his tummy...?? Will definitely bring him to the doc to get him check. Weird.

As of today, menu is Steam Siakap in Tom Yam Soup... Sedap tau!!!! Here it is;

Ala, simple jer nak do... just campak everything into the kuali... hehehehe.
Here's the receipe for this on wat I used.

1 bawang besar (big white onion) - dihiris
3 bawang putih (garlics) - dihiris
1" halia (ginger) - dihiris
1" Lengkuas (galangal) - dihiris
2 serai (lemongrass) - dikelar
4 daun limau (lemon leaves)
8 cili padi (birds eye chilli) - di potong tengah
4 tomyam paste cubes
half small box of santan (coconut milk)
siakap fish

Cara memasak:
1. Mendidihkan air dlm kuali atau periuk.
2. Setelah mendidih, masukkan semua bahan yang dihiris dan cili padi.
3. After that, masukkan serai, daun limau, tomyam paste cubes.
4. Biarkan sebati semua, masukkan santan n wait sampai pekat sikit.
5. Last sekali, masukkan all sayur2 n ikan n then wait sampai agak2 ikan dah masak, turn off stove. 

Siap semua, tunggu aper lagi..... BEDALLAH NGAN NASIK PANAS2!!.. heheheh. Selamat mencuba! :)