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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Last nite, I was already asleep by 11 plus (not sure exactly wat time it was but approx abt 11 plus lah). Qis had just fallen asleep at that time, so without waiting even further, carried her up and into her cot, den switched off the tv n landed myself to my nice comfy bed n den SHUT DOWN myself. By abt 3am, Im already up cos of Qis's coughs. (Alaahhhh, batok2 lah pulak budak nie - nie yg tak syok didengar). Cudnt get myself to fall asleep again, I picked Qis up, soothe her chest n then placed her on my bed instead of hers. Blinking throughout the nite, I just waited for the time to wake Dyan up. Exactly 5.20am, up n quickly wake her up as Qis was still lying on my bed. Worried she might fall off the bed with her tossing n turning. Once Dyan's up, went back to my room again. By just watsapp-ing to Dyan, to know if she's already set to go to school, said bye2 to her whilst Im still in my room looking aft Qis n Dyan downstairs waiting fr her bus to come.
Feeling really sleepy cos shortage of sleep, I took a short nap n then was already up again by 7am. Brought Qis down, gave her medication, prepared breakfast for Danish since he's unable to go to school due to his vomits, put all dirty laundries into the washing machine n clear all dirty utensils. (Yup, my life is a chaos everyday!!) Now Im just monitoring Qis as I cud hear her wheezing. Might bring her to the doc if it's getting worst and definitely will be put to Nuebalizer. 
Breakfast for today is Fried Egg-Dipped Tuna Sandwich. And here it is.

Easy to prepare. Those who cant cook can definitely do this.. LOL!!

Wanna try? Here's the ingredients required:
Ayam Brand Chilli Tuna
Oil to fry

How its done:
1. Beat the egg n place aside.
2. Spread abt a teaspoon of the chilli tuna onto half of the sliced bread. (Amount of bread depends on individual)
3. Cut the tuna bread into half.
4. Heat up the oiled pan.
5. Dip the cut-tuna bread into the egg and then fry it till golden brown.
**U can eat it w chilli sauce if u want to**

Happy trying ;).

As for lunch dish, Im waiting fr the meat to soften a bit before stewing it. So stay tune for my Meat Soup w Veggies ;).

Went out for awhile earlier to the clinic. Yup 2 sick kids at home now.. *sigh*. Danish w his gastric n vomits and Qis w her asthma, cough and runny nose. Done with giving them their medications and as they rest in the hall, watching tv, I 'superflash mom' myself and get the lunch dish done.

Well, as I said earlier for lunch, here it is. 

Meat Soup w Veggies

At the same time, I made Beef Porridge for my two unwell kids; Danish n Qis.

Now all done already, just waiting for their porridge to cool down a bit, here I am updating this further. Soon got to feed lil Qis while Danish can feed on his own & soon Dyna will be back from school. 

So here's today life story, till then.... Ciaooo *wink wink*