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Thursday, September 27, 2012

~~ PENAT ~~

Oh well, seems already 1 wk had passed n no updates done.. Geez...!! Bz Bz Bz.... Yup.. Im as bz as the busybee... Hehehe. Anyway, due to my FIL is here staying w me, so more laundries, more cookings and more everything.. lol. I was already up as early as 3am cos lil Qis milk time. And as I was waiting fr lil Qis to fall asleep again ,b4 me catching up w my slumber 1 more time, with my eyes shut but mind still awake, I was 'awaken' by my son who came into the room n tapped my shoulder. Surprised or rather shocked I shud say, I whispered to him (as I dun want to accidentally wake Qis up), "Ehh, y r u up now?? Go n sleep lah... ". Son then told me that he had just vomitted on the bed. Again, I was shocked cos he was perfectly alright yesterday. With Qis just fallen asleep on my bed after her milk, I told him to wake his sis, Dyan up n help him to clear the vomit. Less expected that she was sleeping like a log n when i went to his room for a quick peek, the vomit was rather in a huge spread. I then woke Dyan up to help ... told her to get down n wake hub up to help out clean the whole mess. But unfortunately, I have to do the whole job lah. Grrrrrr....!!! *Long sigh*. Managed to get the whole thing done with finally a little help frm hub that woke up due to my babblings..lol. Done all dat by 4.30am. At that time, Im already feeling wide awake. Cudnt get myself to sleep again cos I have to get the kids ready for school at 5.15am. The thought of a day zombie has already popped on my head.. Oh well, what to do.. Dats wat mums are isnt it.. Always on standby 24hrs a day 365 days a year. 

Although my son, Danish has just vomitted earlier, I still wake him up for school. Woke up, bath n get dress, once the school bus arrived, both Dyan n Danish went to school. I then took my morning bath, prayed n laid in bed to force myself for a short nap b4 waiting for Qis to wake. As I was just abt to get into my nice dreamland, I was awaken again n this time by my hub. "Danish is back. He vomitted in the bus. His whole P.E attire was in a mess." *Long sigh again*, I carried my heavy sleepy head down n Danish was already in the bathroom to clean himself up. I wondered y he was vomiting n checked his temperature but NIL... no fever, his not feeling nausea, didnt fall down n knocked his head or watsoeva.. but Y.... the question is "Y does he vomit twice when nothing has happen??"

I then pushed myself up to get all chores done while waiting for hub to get ready to bring him to the clinic. 

By abt 9.50am, he was already back frm the clinic n hubby went to work straight. Doctor said nothing was wrong w my son. It cud be just too much wind in his tummy that it triggered him to vomit. After giving him his medication, took his breakfast, I monitor him n alhamdulillah, he has not vomitted since. Next medication intake will be later at 4pm. 

Im just done with my cooking - today's menu will be chicken porridge, stirfried anchovies w onions n chillies, and fried egg which I sliced thinly.

FIL has just taken his lunch n I will soon take mine too. Im in a mixture of tired, sleepy and hungry..lol. 

Ouhh another great news, my only younger brother is flying off to LA today.. Yeay!! I will soon get a nice Disneyland T-shirt.. hehehehe. 

Ok, rest for now, will update again later if im  not tired or else, hear frm me soon... See ya.....!!!! <3