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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today is rather a hot day.. After a few days of cold weather, although is pretty hot, but at least my clothes get to 'tan' themselves.. lol. 
Life for me starts as early as 5am when I have to be awake to milk Qistina. Yup n right aft that i wont be able to sleep again.. Kept blinking my eyes.. till its time to be up to wake the other 2 for school. Right aft kids are off to school, I start my routine 'house errands' cos there are other errands that are waiting in queue. 
Aft half done, Im already changed n got ready to be out of the house.. Hahaha.. no no no.. Im not running away frm home.. hahahha.... I've got to go to Cyberjaya Primary to get some letters done for our immigration purposes, Cyberjaya Secondary for my eldest girl's enrollment n other foreign student purposes, den rushed to MYDEAR warehouse to get the 'safety gate' that I bought the other day change but only to find out that there was nothing wrong w the gate hahahah.... Dun blame me - the manual wasnt even in English or Malay.. so how am I supposed to understand kah kah kah.. Once all done, quickly rush back home cos hub's on aftnoon shift. 
Tomorrow will be another rushing day as well but I think hub will go alone to settle it. Then another rushing day on Friday as well.. To be frank, there are loads of errands that I have to do.. now if u were to ask me.. Im in a confused state.. everything I want to do at once.. hahahahah.
Anyway, today has loads of funny incidents to share.. to me funny lah.
First of all, the kids were back frm school by 2pm.. As i open the gate, Dian has walked much further frm Danish who was left behind - walking slowly. He must have fallen asleep in the van. But as he approached me closer, he then started to whisper "Mummy... I ceret." Alamak.. wat an afternoon to start man... So i asked him to go straight to the toilet n remove his school uniform. Right aft he removed his school pants, he started to pooo again.. ohhh crap.. he pooed on the floor.. Haiizzz .. mmg I nak kene jadi pencacai lah nie... I cleaned up the whole bathroom floor n soaped the whole area..making sure its all cleaned including his school pants. (tak penah2 umur dia terkencet, nie leh terkencet lak).
So dats 1 incident (thats a mix of bengang and funny lah to me). Another one has just happened awhile ago.. Again, my son who went outside to play with his fren, suddenly came back n say dat  his finger bleeds and theres a small portion of splint in his finger. As i looked, yup affirmative..!!! This time round, Im the surgeon in the house.. Took a needle, an ice pack, bubut oil and plaster. I started to put the ice pack to the wound so dat he wont feel a thing when i prick him. U know lah my son, a little bit, he shouted mcm org nak nazak gitu kan. As i pricked and put the ice pack, finally the splint is out. He felt relieved lah wat else.. but, he's pekik.. only God knows.. Woman nak give birth pon tak shout like dat.. hahahah.. During the small 'surgery' (lol), he was shaking n crying n shouting at the same time.. Alamak nie anak, mcm nak kene siku like dat. As usual me started with my bebels lah.. Serve Him right.!!!