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Thursday, November 10, 2011

~ A Nice Meal ~

Last nite, slept at 12midnite.. Urghh!! And now my head's pounding hard. Hate when this happens. Asking me why so late?? What else... Qistina of course.. she simply just wont sleep. All she wants is to play n play n play.... **sigh** :s . I waited for her till 12 when finally she fall asleep. Carried her gently, I placed her on her cot n I quickly switched off the tv n force myself to sleep too b4 she wakes up again. Nicely, comfortably sleeping under my comforter with a very nice cooling nite, she woke up again at 2.30am. Oh man...!!! :( . Half awake n walking like a living zombie, I sleepily made her milk and fed her. Right after she finished drinking, I went back to sleep crossing my fingers n hoping she wont wakes up again b4 5am. 
Thank Allah I was awake b4 my alarm went off.. I think its abt 5.30am n yessss!!! Qistina was still fast asleep. Covering her with her blanket, I tiptoed out of the room n woke the other 2 up for school. Once the 2 kids were off to school, I went up n milked Qistina again b4 placing my heavy head onto my 'stinky' pillow :P. I targeted myself to be up by 8.30am n to start doing my routine 'duties'. lol. so, Im up by then n started doing wat Im supposed to do. 
Right now if ur asking me wat Im doing, Im all done with every single duties.. ;). Supermom arent I??? :P. hahaha... Laundries all hanged dry - soon to pick them up to fold, swept the floor, cooked (guess wat my menu today) n done up with lil Qistina. 
Anyway, today's menu are: Telor masak lemak cili padi, mushroom tumis and ikan sumbat cili.. Yummy right??!!! ... Well, u only get to read lah ya.. :P hahahaha.