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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today is rather cold.. extremely cold. It has been raining since yesterday. A good n bad thing tho.. good as in nice to sleep but bad as in my laundry wont be able to dry up ... Got to know that my 1st sis in law is being hospitalize at Kajang Hospital. She is currently in ICU n doctors are trying hard to get her well but ya lah.. only Allah knows everything rite... She's in the process of haemodialysis for her kidney. Latest news dat I've got is dat she is on oxygen support as she cudnt breathe properly. 
Done with part of washing, I've just got into the house frm trying to get some stray dogs dead.. lol. There have been lots of these stray dogs.. Its really frustrating to see them loitering around this area.. esp if u have cats. 1 of ths stray cat that frequently come by to have her meal ran down the drain to save her kittens.. adorable ones u know.. N here im trying really hard to get them into my house compound just to secure them. I've standby some rocks at my doorway and broom by the door... 
Im gonna go get ready for Qis bath n breakfast b4 she wakes up... n furthermore, soon the Astro guy will be here to fix wateva thats faulty regarding the remote.. 
Right aft that, gonna start w my cooking.. most likely it will be an Asam Pedas today... 
The time now is 2pm. My Asam Pedas is ready to be eaten. Just a simple Fish Asam Pedas with lady's fingers and tomatoes. I've just received a call frm hubby abt 30mins earlier that my 1st sis in law who was warded in Kajang Hospital ICU is getting critical. She is already being supported by the oxygen machine fr her breathing and now her heartbeat is getting slower n slower. Later once hub's back frm work, gonna go to the hospital to visit her. Allah knows wats best fr us humans. Allah's great in everything n knows wats instore fr us in future... I pray to Allah that my sis in law will recover soon. She has 3 children who are still schooling - 1 in University, 1 will be going to University in Nov and 1 in secondary. All her children are really good n smart. She's fortunate to have her kids... Pls Allah, have mercy on her n her children... my fil has just arrived frm my other sis in law in Serting n will be spending the nite here at my place. So gonna need to cook some veggie soup fr him later. Den aft that gonna get myself ready. My son is already back frm school whereas my eldest girl is still in school as there is a farewell party for all Primary 6 students. UPSR results will be out around next wk. Heart racing like in an F1 game.... uurrgghhh.... (penantian satu penyiksaan u know) hahahaha.... Just pray fr the best fr my eldest. She had extremely tried her maximum best.. n insyaallah wat she dream for will be achieve.
Ok, enuff of the babbling, gonna go n play w Qistina.. she is making a hell of a noise...... Adios...