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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello hello there... its been a few days of silence isnt it. Well, due to my lil one not well, my whole time and energy are for her. Yup, she wasnt well since last Wednesday till last 2 days ago.. Dats abt 5 days of fever, vomits and diarrhea.. my poor baby... But Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, she is all good now... 
Today's plan is actually to Uda's house in Serting to visit my parents in law but while on the way there, we received a call frm Kajang Hospital regarding my eldest sis in law. Her situation is rather critical now with swollen heart, disfunction kidney and her lungs are filled with water. So we rushed back to Kajang to see how the condition. She's on the ventilator for her oxygen supply with difficulty in breathing. Need a miracle for now.
We were there till abt 2pm when hub decided to send us back home first since my lil one has just recover n u know lah, hospital = lots of viruses. Once hub taken his late lunch, he went back to the hospital again without me n the kids. 
Tomorrow, gonna go buy some groceries to fry some noodles to be sent to the 'surau' since I made a 'niat nazar' dat once my lil one recovers b4 i went back to SG, I will fry some n send to 'surau' since Thursday nite there will be some 'kenduri' and yassin reciting. And then insyaallah Friday, we'll off back to Singapore. I will be there till the 20th december while hub will be there for 3 days only. Yup, since my sis in law is in critical condition, its best fr him to be here in case of any emergency. As for me, I'll be flying back to KL on the 20th december so yahh tickets are all booked and paid. 
So far, Im all done with danish's student pass & qistina's and my social visit passes. At least, the most important thing to think abt is done. Next will be the kids school books dat will be bought by hub when he comes back to KL again. And then when Im back in KL, will be the kids uniforms and dian's student pass. 
K lah.. Im all tired now with the sleepless nites while Qis was not well.. gonna go have some rest n will write again when Im back in Singapore.. Adiosss....