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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today Im back to my normal routine again after spending a wk plus in Singapore at parents place. After sending off my parents at the airport, I begin my journey back to KL immediately. It was about 11.30am when we drove off. Well, abt the 'send off', it was tears flooding time at T2. My son Danish cried loudly..urgghh hate that when it happen. Everybody was like y wat happen, y is he crying.. too emo lah dat boy. Anyway, we stop over at Kluang cos hub's need to pay off the taxes for his parents house there. That was already abt 3pm when we started our journey again straight to KL.
Stopping again at Pagoh for mkn, (since morning not eaten). Journey was ok, no jammed at all but due to heavy rain, we have to drive slowly..not the usual speed.
Finally reached home abt 7.30pm. At that time, my head's already pounding hard.. urrghh migraine again..:(. Rested fr abt 30mins b4 i started unpacking my luggage. (if i didnt do it at that time, the luggage fully pack will remain as it is till my next trip back to SG..lol). 
Head was even pounding harder when i see the full load of dirty laundry in the laundry basket.. ohh maaannn.......but im definitely not doing the laundry at that time.. 10pm sharp, brought up Qistina, changed her, den head for the bed.. ohhh my comfy bed (my thought at that time). 
Anyway to cut story short, right now, Im all done with cleaning up the house, done with the laundry washing for all except Qistina's (due to no more space at the hanging thingy - will do hers tomorrow. All were hanged to dry already.. taken my small breakfast, next will be just to wait fr Qis to be awake, bath her den feed her breakfast. She must have missed her cot..lol. 
My other 2 kids are back in school again n hub's at work as usual. M gonna have a short nap b4 Qis is awake as my head's still pounding hard. Will continue later ya.... muah muah muahh..... (ouch my head)