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Friday, November 11, 2011

~ Sleepy Day For Me ~

Again last nite I slept late ..midnite again for me. As I finally get to sleep, I was awaken (I think dats around 2am) by my hubby. Yup, now its him.. Reason being: He suddenly feel itch all over his body n said dat It's kind of warm last nite.. "WARM!!!" There's already 2 fans in the room n Im feeling cooling at that time. Being too sleepy, I just laid and waited to be asleep again. Hub then ended going downstairs. Me - still with my eyes shut tight n forcing to sleep again.. At 4am, my sleep was disturbed again .. but this time (who else lah) Qis of course (milk time). Zombiely, I walked towards her milk table n made her her milk. Once done, I crashed my heavy head onto  my pillow again..was abt to get into my slumberland, Qis stood up in her cot n made so much noise (trying to get my attention lah tu) and dats 5am. She wasnt feeling well lah - so cannot blame her. 
By 5.30am, I was already on my feet, carrying Qis to wake her sis n bro for school. Held her down to the living room, placed her to her rocker n get prepared her breakfast, at the same time get ready for my eldest girl's lunch box, my son's medication and scotts emulsion. So, Im like doing everything at once with everything 'screened' in my brain. U know its like doing 1 after another. Everything was all prepared at abt 7am and its time for my supplement and another at 7.30am. By 7.30am, Qis was already feeling sleepy again - can see lah frm her eyes. Woke hubby up for his time to get ready for work, carried Qis up, placed her in her cot n I 'crashed' myself onto my bed. I have to take at least an hr's nap or else, my head's will be 'spinning around'.
At 8.30am, I had a sudden awake .. hmm but not sure y lah. Maybe 1 of the dreams I think. lol. Laundries are all washed (I've placed it at 6.30am earlier but unfortunately I wont be able to hang dry yet as its drizzling outside - maybe a little while later. Floors are all swept now. Taken out the meat earlier for defrosting (although not sure wat to cook today. hahaha). Qis is still in bed. My brain seems working n thinking dat I have something dat's I've not done yet but wondering wat; but will 'cracked' it later. 
Oh ya by the way, yesterday Danish gave me 2 letters from school. One is an invitation to a Prize Giving Ceremony on the 15th Nov Tuesday at school @ 8.30am and another is a consent form frm his teacher asking us if we will be going for the ceremony. Danish will be receiving a prize for getting 1 of the best position in his class for his Yr-end Exam. Alhamdulillah.... (definitely we will be going lah rite)
17th Nov will be the UPSR results day.. so its a tick tock tick tock and dub dub dub dub dub time.....
I've just done up with Qis - bathe her and fed her lunch. She's in her playpen now as usual with her toys. Finally I decided to cook meat soup. As the weather is beginning to heaten up, its best to have some soupy meal. Currently, Im boiling the meat so that later on when it comes to making the soup, it will be a breeze..
My other 2 kids just came back from school. Danish has brought back his report book... Alhamdulillah he was position 2nd with 3 As in his main subjects - Maths, English and Science but he need to buck up more on his Penulisan and Pemahaman... 
So next surprise will be next Thursday.. a huge surprise..!!