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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Good day to everyone. Life is as my usual so nothing to talk much lah. But anyway, I'm all done with my cooking.. yeay!! And today's menu is Lauk lemak lodeh with ayam grg lah.Today lazy lah to cook other types of dishes n furthermore I dun eat much nowadays. Today, my heart beats really fast.. Wanna know y..?? Yup, tomorrow's the day.. the day of wat?? Heheheh :P . Let it be a secret first ya. I will definitely write in tomorrow to share the good or the bad news. Be patient mates ;) .
Hub's on his morning shift today as tomorrow onwards he will be on core leave for the next 2 wks.. Yippie... and the whole family gonna go swimming frequently which really makes the kids happy. Its been awhile since we last went swimming u know. And of course since I'll be in Singapore frm the 25th Nov till 20th Dec, I will have to make sure I've prepared the children school stuffs n thingys so that I wont be too rushy when I come back to KL again. Oh my goodness..!!! Now then i realised that I've not eaten my breakfast at all... and its already lunch time... hahahaha.. time flies without u even noticed. iskk iskk iskkkk....