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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Amin .. Amin .. Amin .. Finally, my intention to fry some noodles n placed it at the 'surau' here is done. Nothing special, just the feeling of 'syukur' of my eldest girl achievement of 5As for her UPSR, my son 2nd place in class for his final exam and also my lil baby has recovered from a terrible fever and stomach flu viral. 
Its rather a tiring day, cos of the cooking, den the not-done-packing thingy.. and its not just my clothing dat I have to pack, its 5 ppl clothings.. try dat within a day dat u have to do all dat... u'll be shag man... lol. 
Right now, my 2 eldest kiddos are out for their last day of 'ngaji' and then a break fr a month plus b4 they resume again in January. Hub's at 'surau' for the Yassin reciting today and its just me n Qistina at home now. Qis is asleep right now. Im taking a break fr awhile b4 continuing my packing and then after dat attend to Qis for bedtime. Tomorrow gonna drive back to SG. 
K lah.. gonna rest abit.. Adios amigos...