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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today's day was normal.. it turned out to be a hot day... n its a great wonderful day for my loads of laundry dats not all done yesterday. For the past 2 days (including today), Qis has been always waking up late. My.. my.. she really missed her cot. Anyways, Im all set n done with my usual housework of cleaning up the house n doing the laundry early. Tot of getting some slumber sleep..but ended up wide awake n having a hard time to at least get myself to 'shut down'. 
When Qis was awake, Im still waiting for the chicken to defrost. To cut story short, today was a smoothe ride until when it started to rain awhile ago. At that time, im done with my cooking n Qis was making her usual noise... nap time. Aft putting her to her cot to sleep, I went down again - waiting fr my other 2 kids to be back frm school. Abt 30mins aft they were back, it started to rain with loud thunder 'bangs' n tones of lightning strikes.
While getting lunch fr Danish, it 'bangs' really loud that it made me jumpy n rushed up to see if Qis was alrite. 
Thanks Allah, she was still sound asleep. Went down again to get myself my lunch... right aft im done with my lunch, it 'bangs' again. Leaving behing my 2 eldest ones, i went up n stayed in the room to just make sure Qis will be ok again if it started to 'bang' once more.
My prediction was right. While I was laying down on my cosy nice bed, n its making me rather sleepy, it gave 1 more time.. but this time, it scare Qis till she was wide awake n crying. Carried her to my bed n hugging her to comfort her, I tot she might fall asleep again but oppsssyyy, she did not.. n she's already wide awake now.  Gonna feed her late lunch n will write again soon ....  *** yawn *** Im feeling sleepy rite now....