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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today, I'm awake as early as 3am. Dun know y I cudnt sleep. I was only asleep at 12.30am right aft Qis was asleep and I was awaken (which I dun know y either) at 3am n tried to go back to sleep again and was up again at 5am. With my head pounding n body feel rather tired, I stayed in bed fr abt 30mins b4 finally dragged myself up to wake the other 2. 
We got ourselves ready by 7.30am n was out of the house by then. Where we r heading to...??? Well to SK Cyberjaya... Y...???? Cos my son, Danish Mirza will be receiving his trophy for coming 2nd in his class for his final exam. Alhamdulillah, Praise To Allah... 
As usual, the road out of my housing area will always be jammed n we finally get to be on the highway by 8.15am. Hubby zoomed to make sure we reached school by 8.30am. And yes!!! We did it... By dat time, the principal has just started the wateva speech lah.. hehehehe... Yes I did took some pictures of my son with his trophy n certificate.. Proud..?? Yes, him lah hahahha... keep looking, keep wiping.. lol... I even told him, wipe it thoroughly n the genie will pop out, den u can ask for wateva wishes u want.. lol :)) ... kids will always be kids... But Im glad he made it.. Alhamdulillah.... ;)
So right aft the event, we drove back home lah.. wat to do, we have to cos hub's in the aftnoon shift. 
Ok lah.. I wanted to write more but unfortunately it's beginning to rain heavily and there's thunder n lightning as well.. so I better shut off my laptop b4 the lightning blast my electronics here.. :)) ... Will write again as soon as the rain stops... Muah muah...!!! :x