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Monday, November 14, 2011


Today seemed a little draggy. Early morning was the usual one but after I put Qistina to sleep again aft her morning milk, my normal routines doesn't seemed to end as per my normal weekdays. :p
At 10am, I'm not fully done with my laundries, not cook yet, not settled Qistina, not iron hub's formal pants.. Geezzzz!!! Whats wrong with myself today...!!! :P. But finally at 1pm now, I'm all done with. U see.. I usually get everything done by 11 or 12nn. 
My eldest girl, Dian doesnt need to go to school today. Today's programme at school is just a rehearsal for tomorrow's Prize Giving Ceremony and Danish is part of it since he's got 2nd position in class. Unfortunately, no prize for Dian lah this yr and dat pissed me off actually.. hahaha.. but oh well, life is like a wheel.. at times ur up, at times ur down. Just hope for the best for her UPSR tho. 
So tomorrow, we will need to be in school by 8am for the prize giving.. and I'll make sure I'm prepared with my camera..  ha  ha... ;). 
Hub's on aftnoon shift today and tomorrow so nothing much to talk abt actually. Thursday will be a bz day fr us... so there wont be any story frm me lah ya... ;)
K lah.. will pause fr awhile as my head's pounding. Will continue later if time permits ya.. Stay tune... kissy kissy.. <3