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Friday, September 30, 2011


Yippie!!! Its friday again.... Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.... Today's errands are as usual. The only different is im sooooooooooo damn bloody tired n sleepy... Didnt have a good nite sleep last nite..(ohh pleaseee!! nothing happen ok). Just that Qistina was already asleep at abt 9pm last nite while im still downstairs in the hall. Brought her up at around 10pm but unfortunately she was awake at 11pm. Yup!! U read it well.. she was awake at 11pm n then not asleep until i dont know wat time.. When she finally slept, I was already like a living zombie.. 

While sleeping on my nice comfy bed, I was awaken at abt 3am..(wth...??!! 3am!!). Gave Qis her milk and i lay in bed waiting fr her to be asleep again. Finally she was sleeping at i think nearly 4am. And then....!!! At 5am, she woke up againn... Urrgghhh!!!.. And by then Im unable to sleep again cos need to wake the other 2 fr school in abt half n hr's time. 

Trriinnggggg!!!! My alarm went off at 5.45am, carried her with me to wake the other 2. Settled the 2 to school, had my bath, made Qis milk (again) n brought her up to 'force' her to sleep. (or else im unable to do my housework). She drank her milk till the last drop but......... hmmmmm, she was still wide awake. What is wrong w her today...??? I lay in bed waiting n waiting n waiting fr her to sleep.... (cud hear hub's starting the car engine to go to work at 7.30am but Qis still rolling and standing n bouncing on my bed).

And then finally at 8.30am, she fall asleep... my goodness!! With my 'panda' eye-bagged eyes, i carried her to her cot n tiptoed out of the room. Quietly closing shut the door, i went down like a thief in my own house. I then like a flash, do all my necessary housework, took a cup of yogurt to boost me up n started to cook, wash clothes, hang them dry..etc.

All done by noon, i then went up to check on Qis.. its already 11.30am n she is happily, soundly sleeping.... Ahaaa!! time for me to disturb her sleep like she disturb mine... (keh keh keh)....

Now its already 4.15pm, im done with everything except clearing the folded clothes cos tomorrow's gonna be another tiring day fr me... Yup.. Dian's frens coming over n i've got to cook for like 15 ppl's food. 

I've got to go now... gonna clear some stuffs ... Gonna write in again next wk... Take care u'olls n have a wonderful weekend..... Ciaaooo!!!