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Friday, September 23, 2011

25th day of Syawal

Alhamdulillah ... i can breathe to see another friday... looking forward for the weekends.. Penat lah babe... Anyway, last nite was a hectic, chaos n hot nite for me.. no no no.. not the 'hot' nite.. lol. Sent my dear son to the clinic - yup, he's falling sick. Was already feverish when he get back home from school. 

Had to cook rendang ayam for my dearest eldest daughter for her to bring to school... started cooking at abt 9.30 n finally im done w everything at 11.30pm. By then I'm all shag n tired n really really in need to recharge my self batt.

For now, im done with all washing, cooking porridge fr my son, rendang chicken is already done warmed-up, gave son n abah their medications, cut all veggies fr veggie soup later. 

A great bfast to start off, I was hanging up clothes to dry outside at my yard, when i saw abt 5 stray dogs loitering around abt 3 houses away frm mine. Aft awhile, they started to walk away frm there n im already standing by with a few rocks in my hand to do some pebbles throwing..ha ha ha. Those dogs definitely have to pass by my house.. so there, im all ready n set... just need the right view  to seek my revenge.

As the dogs passed by, i threw each rocks abt the size of a ping pong ball. They ran n i managed to striked 1 on his head. HAH!!!... 10% revenge done. Another 90% more to go... Too many stray dogs lah until i've got 2 of my cats dead bcos of these bloody sickening nuisance dogs. These are not the 'pet' type u know.. (i seriously dun noe what are the types of dogs) but these are the one that people keep to protect their house and its very irritating when u see these dogs... My kids cant play outside, i can let out my cat to have his freedom once in awhile, it sucks...

Ouhh man...... i think i heard Qis's voice upstairs.. Got to go now... Will write again tomorrow lah ya.... or when time permits... Ciaooooo!!!