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Monday, September 19, 2011

21st day of Syawal

Ouchy ouchy ouchy!! ... Not sure y my both knees are feeling a little 'sengal' lah. Cud it be the cold weather?? Hmmm.. cud be cud be... Ouchyy ... :(

Life is a little rushing today. It rained earlier in the morning in fact frm yesterday.. so yesterday's clothes dat were hanged to dry didnt dry properly.. Only did washing fr lil Qis's clothes at first. The rest of the work & cooking was all done by 11.30am. Served lunch for my fil and then had my early lunch too. 

At abt 2.30pm, i finally see the sun. Do a quick run of washing clothes n then hanged them to dry.. trying to get the final bit of sun for a quick dry up. Now weather is back to gloomy again.. will check on the clothes if there are already dried later. Qis is getting really mischievious.. cant even get my butt away frm her.  

Anyway, today, i've cooked 'sop kaki n isi ayam with carrots n potatoes' & 'sotong goreng kunyit with kacang boncis'.. sedap wa ckp lu!!! hahahahha.... especially served with hot rice.. yummmmyyyy!!!!!

Hub's on morning shift today.. only today as this wk is his aftnoon shift. FIL is still on recovery momento. 

I've just skyped with my mom and my grandma is already discharged frm hospital today. She is currently at my mom's place. Same thing, she is on recovery momento too...

My dearest eldest daughter is on her hoorah hoorah mood.. UPSR is all over.. till then, waiting (tick tock tick tock) for the results in Nov. 

Will write again soon.. gotta go settle the rest of my 'job'.... Taa taaa...