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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

16th day of Syawal

Alhamdulillah, today will be my last day of fasting in Syawal.. 6 days of fasting.. Amin.... (yeay yeay besok raya.. eheheh). Time zoomed fast isnt it.

Today is also the 2nd day of my eldest gurl UPSR. I hope she is able to do her Maths paper 1 today. Yesterday was Penulisan, Pemahaman and Maths paper 2. And Alhamdulillah, when asked, she said she can do it with calm. (Im still crossing my fingers). Tomorrow's exam papers will be her English paper 1 & 2, Science and her aptitude test. Oh Allah, pls do guide her. 

I totally forgot to buy food stuffs for hari raya dishes.. urgghh!! N im supposed to cook those dishes today.. Im so so so sorry hubby... (terpaksa lah gi carik lemang yer) LOL. 

Danish is on his holiday mood... no school fr him till end of week. U bet he is real happy n playing his cars noisily with his sound effects.. No homework for him, just play play play... 

Im done with my clothes washings ... waiting for lil Qis to be awake n settling her, and then think of wat to cook for today.. Think.. Think.. Think...

Weather is pretty hot today... i shud say lately. Boleh pengsan u know with this weather. I heard Singapore is in real haze there... Hopefully the skies will be clear when i get back to Singapore in late Oct. 

I'll paused for now n will write again later.. gonna go take a peak on Qistina... Ciaooo...!!