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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Its a Sunday...

Talk abt the time.. Its already a Sunday... What a speedy time... To cut everything short, yesterday's small little feast turned out well. Dian's friends came n i believe they had fun.. Cooked spaghetti bolognaise w meatballs, mee hoon grg tomato, nuggets, chicken wings, black pepper hotdogs and cheese hotdogs.. It was a rushing cooking tho..so many things to cook n so little time.

Her friends came at abt 12 noon .. n one by one left latest by 7pm. By then, my head was already pounding actually. Yup.. my veins felt like its gonna burst anytime. Once everything cleared, popped my migraine pill n just hoping it will  go away soon enuff. But at abt 8pm, i was feeling really sick... decided to go to the doc's. On the way back home, I was already feeling like im gonna puke a whole bucket... holding on to Qis in the car, i tried to control myself not to. 

Immediately reached home, passed Qis to hubby and rushed into the bathroom.. There I was, puking like a water fountain. Every single thing dat I ate, gushed out like a volcano puking its lava.. I was really feeling so sick. Went upstairs immediately, lying down in bed with Qistina n waiting fr her to sleep. Once she fell asleep, lay her in her cot n I forced myself to sleep. Woke up every now n then cos I can still feeling the pain. 

This morning, woke up fr my Subuh, popped my medication again, n went back to sleep. Still having a hard time.. its so difficult to sleep wen ur head is pounding real hard.

Was feeling slightly better aft had my bath at 8am, already on my feet to clean up the house. Due to too tired bcos of yesterday, mom's not cooking today. Hub went to get some food while I attend to Qis at home. Now, im all set n ready to go out to Jusco fr my marketing. Ouh n by the way, today Qistina is 10 months old.. (dah besar anak mummy nie) heheheh. 

Ouhh, hub's ready in the car, got to go now... Adios n hear frm me again tomorrow ya...