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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodness gracious...!!

My goodness, its been like 4 days since i last updated my blog.. Been bz lah..so so sorry.. with kids not well, n fil to take care too, n also baby in the house.. hahahah.. Supermom is here... well, at times supermom also can be as flat as a flat tyre u know.. lol.

Well, im finally done with my housework, (as usual lah) cooking halfway done (hahaha - beansprouts with beancurd soup. later to fry some chicken), washing clothes also done. Have just pop my 1 n only beloved Cafergot (its a migraine med. dub dub dub dub, yes my head is pounding rite now). Am just waiting fr my lil one to be awake n settling her later. 

Hub's on morning shift (8am-5pm) today (I love when he's on 8-5 shift) hahaha. But he will be out again later in the evening fr an evening event with DS Najib later. 

Im trying to gain lots of energy for saturday as my eldest gurl will be inviting some frens of hers over so there will be lots of cooking to be done. 

Too much agenda frm Oct onwards n i think sooner or later my brain is gonna explode fr thinking n trying to remember every single thing on my own... lol. 

Anyway, my grandma is still in the hospital (TTSH). Once im back in SG in Oct, will go n visit her and also my fren's daughter in KK. I pray fr both to recover.

Have already booked my flight for Oct n also Dec.. (so dats 1 errand done) but a lot more KIV's. Ohh ohhhh... i think i've just heard a lil voice upstairs.. gtg now.. will update later again if i have the time. Or else, u will get to hear frm me tomorrow...