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Monday, September 12, 2011

14th day of Syawal

Wow!! Goodness gracious..!!! Half of Syawal is almost gone. Tomorrow marks the beginning of maximum stress ...dub dub!! dub dub!! dub dub!!.. Oh my God!!! My heart is beating so fast n so extreme... Oh Allah!! Please help my eldest gurl to go thru her UPSR with calm, confidence and intelligence. Please help her to boost her memory and mind to answer every questions correctly and easily. Please grant her wishes , oh Allah.. Amin......

Not only is she on stress mode now... I am double stress... Already told her to have an early sleep so that she will be on fresh mode tomorrow. 

Anyway, let's stop fr a minute abt her... Today, life is as usual.. same routine... And alhamdulillah, I've managed to do my Syawal fast on my 4th day today - 2 more days to 'raya' again for me. hehehehe. Went to Jusco rite after hub came back from work. Break our fast there.. had nasik goreng kampung w tom yam soup and same for hub too. (SEHATI SEJIWA LAH KATAKAN... LOL). Bought some groceries at Jusco for a week supply. 

Ouchy rite now... im having my migraine... Urghh!! Hate it when it happens. Already popped my 'cafergot' n what i need rite now is my nice, beauty slumber. Im done with my prayers n will head for bed real soon.

Tomorrow insyaallah will be my 5th day of fasting in Syawal. 

Ohh my.. how can i get rid of this stressful feeling of the UPSR... how how how...??? Hub's seems so relax.. lol. I think this is the motherly feeling.. cud be huh..???!! 

Im off now.. getting ready for Qis's milk stuffs, Dian's exam preparations ..... Adios Amigos..........