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Thursday, September 22, 2011

24th day of Syawal

Aku all set n done with houswork, moping, wash n hang clothes to dry, even tho it looks like its gonna be a cold day today.. Matahari lom nampak kuar pon nie.. mendung jer.

Cooking is halfway done. Rice is set into the rice cooker, bayam is already done soak in my bening. Next task will be frying of a bit of fish, chicken and tahu. After dat can sapedek already lah.

My breakfast today is just a cup of strawberry milk and my antibiotics.. hahahah.... I wonder if u have this feeling/thinking that when ur sick, u will be so dissipline to take ur antibiotics but when u get a little well, dat balance of antibiotics seems a hassle isnt it.. lol

Hub's in his morning shift again today. Later on right aft he comes home fr work, im heading to Jusco to get some stuffs for special cooking for the kids to bring to school tomorrow. There'll be a Perjumpaan Hari Raya at the kids school, of course for them lah. Not for me!! Hahahaha.A rendang chicken for P6 and fried chicken for P2. Leceh lah rite.. hahahahha... Seems that school nowadays are rather demanding, they are the ones who plan for us on wat to cook n bring to school fr such occasion.

Abah has already taken his bfast, medications and is taking his nap now. Later in the aftnoon will be serving the lunch for him. Dats the reason of my rush cooking. 

Qis currently is still sleeping - I hope. lol. Other 2 kids are in school. Now is for me to relax a little - watching "Jalan jalan cari saka @ Astro Prima." Once Qis is up later, Im back to the supermom. Hahahaha.

GTG now.. will update again soon....