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Thursday, September 8, 2011

10th day of Syawal

Good evening everyone... Been bz lately to update here... anyways, this is the 2nd day of me fasting in Syawal. Insyaallah, I can make it to 'sunat' fast 6 days of Syawal. Whole day was rather hectic with routine housework, over cranky Qis and hot weather. Fasting aft the month of Ramadhan was really a challenging one. Isnt the same as the usual fasting.. while others are happily eating their fav foods n drinks, Im trying to gain some merits 'pahala' for myself insyaallah. 
Just finished my break fast, had bee hoon grg tomato and stir fry cabbages w hot milo. Next task is to pray while Qis is currently asleep n finally..!! She's been really really cranky these days. My other 2 kids are out fr their weekly 'ngaji'. They shud be back by 9.30pm later.
Hub's at work..today's shift is 1pm-10pm and Im sure he is having a nice break fast as well at the office with a good 'makan-makan'. 
Well, I better go n pray while this cranky princess is still asleep.. or else, nothing can be done except sitting next to her n attending to her standing and sitting and crawling.... Will rite again when time permits.... Adios Amigos....