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Monday, September 5, 2011

7th day of Syawal

Wow!! Time really flies like a bullet. Without realizing, its already a wk of syawal.. Isnt it fast? Anyway, life is back to the usual for me. Came back frm Singapore last saturday.. frm Singapore at abt 3pm n reached KL at abt 9pm. Traffic was smooth although slow. A little jammed in malaysia immigration side. Yesterday was a tiring for me.. Eversince the last day of ramadhan, body was all aching n tiring... cooked sambal goreng yesterday as hub will be having a small reception today at work. Loads of washing of dirty laundry yesterday.. Now, loads of dried cleaned clothes to fold.. urgghhh!!! Damn bloody tired...!!!

Dian will be having her last "Gerak Gempur exam" this week before she go thru her UPSR on the 13th-15th Sept. So for now, a pause to Hari Raya Celebrations but will resume again aft her exam.. lol.

Danish will only be having his exams in October. So a bit of a relaxation for him.. hahahah.. as always...

Qistina is really progressing herself.. she can sit on her own frm a crawling position... Everything is all checked for her... Just 1 more hurdle - walking hurdle. I wonder when will dat be or shud i say how soon will dat be... lol. She's really progressing like a bullet. One aft another.. Alhamdulillah... She's all done with her morning bath, her breakfast... and rite now sitting on her rocker playing n watching tv at the same time.. Soon there will be a siren frm her.. hahahaha... cos she isnt the type to simply sit down quietly.. unlike her sis n bro.

Hub is back at work aft a week leave.. a simple word to describe it LENGIT!! hahahaha.... Gonna go n attend to Qis fr awhile... will be back tho...