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Monday, August 29, 2011

29th day of Ramadhan - last day

Alhamdulillah... its already the last day of ramadhan. Amin ya rabbal 'alamin...

Im all done with my hari raya dishes. Cooked sayur lodeh, ayam masak kurma and the compulsory family recipe sambal goreng.. tired to the extreme ... only God knows how shag I am. Next chores in line are to fold cleaned clothes, pack my luggage and iron hub's baju melayu for tomorrow raya prayers.

Agenda for tomorrow will be to the hospital to visit my father in law and then off to my sis in law's place to visit my mom in law. And then finally on wednesday off to Singapore. 

Im all tired and seriously cant think of wat to write.. will update for the next few days... Gonna go continue my clothes folding time ... Ciaoooo