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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2nd Day of Ramadhan

Its 2nd day of Ramadhan.. Alhamdulillah yesterday my migraine did not drag the whole day or became worst... it went away by noon. Yesterday, whole family had Prata, sardine dish, fish curry and bubur sago fr dessert. We had a great time breaking our fast. I started cooking at abt 4.30pm n done with everything by 6pm. And i mean all the 3 dishes. Super-mummy.... vrruuussshhhhhh....

This morning, we had rice with fish curry fr sahur n i took 7 pieces of kurma to boost my energy to last the whole day with a lil baby who doesnt know how to keep still.. ha  ha...

Aft done with all the housework and settling lil Qistina, currently updating my blog n FB at the same time while my brain is actually working its job by thinking wat to write n wat to cook for break fast later.. try that.. lol.

I am thinking of making mee soup later n have the greatest possibility of cooking dat. (crossing fingers hopefully i wont change my mind). Will have to wait fr Dian to come back from school b4 i can start cooking. Qistina has started to stand while holding on to the sofa so she cannot be left unattended not even a sec. I even have to forget abt the idea of doing  'kuih layang2' for raya.. pity Dian cos she requested for it.. but we'll see how in the next few wks - just b4 raya.

Plans for raya this yr, will drive back to Kluang on the last day of Ramadhan n will spend the 1st day of raya there. 2nd day of raya will drive down to Singapore to spend till end of the week. 

I've been thinking of piercing Qistina's ears soon.. just trying to find a clinic that can do ear-piercing for babies... will update once done dat.

My goodness Qistina..!!!! She pulled herself up while holding on to the sofa... after standing up, she let go of her hands.. lucky her i was right in front of her n quickly grap hold of her... isskkkk !!!!