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Saturday, August 6, 2011

6th day of Ramadhan

Ohhh man... i missed 1 day of blogging.. urrgghh... was real bz yesterday tho... anyway, today my routine was as usual although its not a school day.. but the only different was, went marketing w hubby at Jusco Equine Park today at 3pm... when we came back it was already 5pm. Rushed to cook for break fast... I was like a super mom... cooked roti kirai n chicken curry today. At first thought of making bubur chacha but seems time doesnt permit. 

And the best part was, I managed to do 30 over pcs of roti kirai n chicken curry withing 2 hrs. Started cooking at 5pm n ended at 7pm. Ha ha ha.. u must be asking with great shock.. 30 over pcs...???  Lol... to be exact 36 pcs.. some to be sent to the surau near my house area. super mom indeed isnt it.. ha ha ha. 

Yup.. i typed it right.. no typing error here.. (wink wink). Now, im siting on my comfy sofa, all tired.. ha ha.. shag out..Lucky im done with sahur dish.. ha ha ha... right now wat i really need is a gooooooooooooood massage n a gooooooooood comfy bed with a goooooooooooood night atmosphere.. hehehe.... 

Im out now.. will write again tomorrow. Well if I have the time again.... Ciaoo ciaooo ciaoooo....