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Monday, August 22, 2011

22nd day of Ramadhan

Masyaallahhhh!!!! Its been awhile since i last updated my blog... hahahaha... been bz lah since Ramadhan is ending n Raya is 'coming to town' soon.. lol. Anywayz, everyday life has been the usual.... hectic hectic hectic .... 8 more days to go before "Singapore!!! Here I come!!!!!" .... I am soooooo missing Singapore.. everything abt Singapore, u know.... and especially MY MOM'S COOKING!!

Now, im on a stress mode... in everything... yup, u read it right... with eldest girl UPSR, with the lil one's mischief n progress, with my hospitalised father in law, with luggage not pack yet... urghhhh... !!! 

A 5-day raya trip will be full  loads of clothings in the luggage especially Qistina's  .. 1 congested brain = to think & pack 5 people clothes. Imagine dat!!

Im all shag, whole body aching.. wonder wat will be good to recharge myself.

Today's break fast is prata with chicken curry, bubur sago (son's fav), fried popiah & hot lemon tea for me while hot vico for the 2 kids.