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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10th day of Ramadhan

Good morning...!! Urgghhhh... my whole body is aching.. especially my spine.. not too sure y though.. Cud be due to the epidural taken. Anyway, today's load of dirty laundry is i shud say a little bit more than usual. 

Yesterday, once again, Im watching NDP parade live online... Not sure y, this time, seeing Mr. President waving, it touches my heart... Cud be that im away from home and cud be that this is the final NDP celebration that Mr. President will be there. Polling for the new president will be on the 27th August n I wun be able to be back in Singapore to vote. Hmmm....

Ok now back to my 'story', today's menu will be mee soto. Frankly speaking, if u were to ask me, Im dead tired now.. Whole body is aching and tired and dun feel so good... Im usually not like dis. Im known to be very energetic, sporty, 'durable'... but lately, i really need to recharge myself...!!!