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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lonely Saturday

Here comes Saturday again. Today, im all alone with the kids at home. Hub's is away.. he has to send his parents back to Kluang.. as requested by his parents. Its been a couple of months since his parents are at his sister's house in Serting. Anyway, not sure if he is coming back home by today or latest by tomorrow. 

Haiizz... bored bored bored... I didnt follow hub to send as the house in Kluang has been abandoned for quite some time... u know lah, house left unattended... with dust n with 'unwanted' guest... and me with a lil baby.. not safe lah. Not that we want to think to that extend but u never know rite...

This yr's raya, not sure whether raya in Kluang or in KL for a day den back to Singapore to spend the raya fr the whole week. Will update abt it soon. 

Just got to know that there is gonna be a Singapore Presidential Election in Aug.. Nomination will be in 17th Aug n not sure when the polling date will be.. Will update dat too soon.

Im all done with the housework though Qis is already wide awake at 9am. As for today's menu: Bihun goreng n fried chicken wing. Today n tomorrow, not going out... as Dian will be having her Pre-UPSR exam  next wk... stress stress stress for me... as long as she has not done with her UPSR, migraine all the way for me.. *sob sob*

For now, I have to wait for Qis to be awake .. need to blend onions lah.. n she is currently sleeping... will update again...