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Thursday, August 4, 2011

4th day of Ramadhan

A cold Thursday I shud say today. From morning, it was a gloomy day and now its raining... my feet are feeling the drop of temperature compare to usual. But thank god, at least it wont be so hectic n humid like previous days...

Im all done with all housework & Qis is getting better too... Alhamdulillah. With this kind of weather, even Qis is not as cranky as usual.. he he he..

Well, today, during break fast, it will be just the 3 of us; me, Dian & Danish. Hub will be breaking his fast outside. And today's menu will be: Prata with curry chicken & bubur sago for dessert. Will cook more so dat it can be brought forward for Sahur tomorrow morning.. Tiring u know... lol.

Alhamdulillah.... 4 days of ramadhan has past... Syukur..... I've just finished my break fast n now gonna go do my prayers. No need to cook anything later as I've done it all earlier.. can relax already lah... Qis has already taken her dinner too .... cereal rice with mixed fruit for her. Later while watching tv, I can think of wat to cook for tomorrow which most probably bubur lemak with sliced egg as the topping...

Gotta go now... Will update again tomorrow.. Insyaallah, the whole month of ramadhan will be updated daily.... Adios amigos.....