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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9th day of Ramadhan

Before I proceed, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!!!" Phewwww... wat a relieve.. lol. Yes, today's Singapore National Day... 46 dat is.... As for the past years, been watching National Day Celebration online thru the NDP website. Although not able to be back in Singapore, I cud feel the great feeling of Singapore's birthday. Anyways, today's break fast menu will be Mee goreng mix with bihun. Im all lack of ideas wat to cook now.. lol. Its tough being the best super and full time mom u know.. (winks) ;). Thats me.. I always want to be the best, to do the best for my love ones.

Im all done with wat my usual routine n dat includes settling Qistina. She is really really really extremely cranky these few days.. keep wondering aroung the house den ended up climbing me n then cranky again.. urrgghhh!!! My patience is being enormously tested :P.

My other 2 kids are having their exam today till this friday. Hopefully they can do it.