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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3rd Day of Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah... today is the 3rd day of ramadhan... 2 days have gone... Without u knowing, soon it will be the last day of fasting month..n then u have to wait fr another yr to see ramadhan again. Qis is not well.. She's having a fever n runny nose.. i wonder wat she will learn to next... Turning over - check, crawling - check, sitting up - check, standing while holding on to something - check. 

Geezzzz!!! She is starting to climb up her own rocker while in a standing position!!! Goodness goodness!! N believe it or not, she is only 8mths 1 day old.. oh my dear Qis..... Better clear the table b4 u hold her while she's standing near the table.. she is gonna take n simply throw it on the floor.. beware beware... ha ha ha...

As she is not well, yesterday n today, her crankiness is over the limit.. n it shags me so much... (fasting some more). Now then I have the time to do my stuffs as she is sleeping aft given her medication... 

Danish is back frm school.. n as usually "mummy, thirsty lah.. hungry lah...." (slaps myself on my own forehead).

Dian is still in school but shud be back home soon.

Hubby is at work.. as usual, during fasting month, he is on a 1-month morning shift. Hub called me earlier n told me that he will be having his position-interview to upgrade himself tomorrow. May Allah gave him the confidence to do the best tomorrow. 

I shall start to do my cooking preparation now while Qis is still asleep.. Once she is awake, i cant move anywhere except sitting in front of her ... 

Ohh.. n will be taking her to the clinic for her fever later once hub's back frm work. Ciaaooo...!!

P/S: Ohh i nearly forgot.. today's menu for break fast: fried noodles for me n hub & burger, fries n baked beans for the kids.