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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hoy hoy hoy... Alamak, dah mcm lanun lah pulak kan.. Hahahha, almaklum, active main game lanun kat miniclip.com. Ok hari nie tak nak citer panjang2.. Actually, ader lah one of the days tu, aku dok citer2 lah ngan anak dara yg sulong kan... so she was asking me this soalan cepu mas, "mommy, y arent u using english to ur blog?" Hmmmm.... actually dulu2 masa baru2 start tu ader lah dok pakai english language jer. Tapi time tu memandang kan mcm takder org nak baca blog aku gitu kan (sedih melulu), tu yg aku campur2lah english n malay. Hahahaha. Lagipun sbb dah dok KL nie, kalau english saja, kang org ckp melayu kita terpinga2 mcm beruk kluar utan. (beruk kluar utan mcm tu ke?? hmmmm). Anak dara aku nie ader lah blog dia sendiri tapi tu lah, dah lama terbengkalai dah tu. Dia sbb ngan youtube dia jer (tak abis2). Anyway sbb nak memenuhi request dia tu, mulai hari nie aku mula balik lah everything in english ek... (ntah boleh ke tak nie.. hahahah - mcm yer yer gitu kan).

K lah, for today, I wont go on n on bragging on unnecessary stories k (cewah...). Hahaha. mcm pelik lah pulak. Dun worry, I wont take up so much time for uolls to read k...

Just a very good news to me, my lil girl, Sarah has finally full potty train. 

The potty that I bought frm Toys'rus. It has 4 colours actually. Pink, blue, yellow n green. Sarah wants a Pink but unfortunately at that time there arent any stock fr Pink. So end up with green cos I find the frog rather cute. *Hehehe.

 Yessa!!!! Hahahaha.... anak biasa2 jer, mommy nyer yg over excited kan. Kah kah kah. Lama menunggu this happy moment. Mana tak happy kan, dah save sikit mthly expenses.. hehehe. Kalau dulu kene buy 1 Jumbo Pampers Bag, now dah tak yah dah.... hehehe. Beli 1 bag biasa jer dah ok. Lagipun only mlm jer yg she has to wear pampers. Yerlah cos I wont want her to wet my bed. Jenuh nak cuci tilam queen tu nanti.

So, for my next mission now, hmmmmm, for ur info, my 3 year + old Sarah nie kan, still wakes up in the middle of the nite to 'claim' for her milk. **sigh**. Yup.. usually kids her age will be enjoying the nite slumber which I still dun understand why she still wakes up at 3am for her milk. (nie mesti kes tak nak rugi). If any mommies out there, who are experiencing or experienced such 'moments', maybe can share with me on how to stop her frm waking n claiming her milk in between her sleeps. 

Just to share her pattern of sleep, She sleeps at 11-12pm with a bottle of milk (even i bring her up to room at 10pm everyday), den wakes up at 3am to claim fr her milk n den continue with her sleep, wakes up again at 6-7am fr her milk again and continue her sleep b4 she finally wakes at abt 9am n start her chaosness n hyperness. In the day she drinks her milk too approx. abt 4 bottles in total excluding her biscuit munching, her rice lunch. She doesnt sleeps during the day (if she does maybe like once in a blue moon). In the evening, after dinner, she will ask fr her milk again at 9pm. Although she doesnt sleeps during the day, she is all hyper n energetic throughout. (I love her hyperness. It makes me smile seeing her dat way)

Ohh well, time for me to go now. Gotta feed her lunch. Till then, keep the comments and likes coming ya.......... With loves.....

xoxo <3<3<3