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Friday, June 22, 2012


Sebenarnye, I nie baru jer balik dari my son's school. Ader Meet-Parent-Session. So lots of stuffs were being dicuss earlier lah. And tak sangka pulak that the teachers suma masih ingat my eldest girl nyer nama walaupun she dah go to secondary school. Maybe becos she was among the top students lah.  Anyway, today I tak nak citer pasal MPS tu sbb nothing much to talk abt lah. 
But today nie, I nak share something yang happen yesterday. Smlm tak sempat nak post pasal nie sbb dah post abt what happen in last December tu. Anyway, enjoyz k walaupun video nie cuma a very short one.... (Mcm2 ragam bila comes to pasal anak2 nie)