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Monday, June 11, 2012

~~ News update on Lil Nur's death ~~

Hey hey hey... Im back in KL (again) as school starts to reopen today. Yup reached home yesterday at about 10 plus in the evening. Penat u.... Anyway, on saturday, I was out frm 12noon cos my uncle ader buat wedding - my cousin wedding lah. Didnt have time to check my FB, email or blog. While on the way to the 'nikah' place, I was informed by my another elder cousin that lil Nur ( u remembered abt lil nur i mentioned in my previous posts?)... well she passed away on Saturday at abt 3.30am in KK Women and Children Hospital. Her Heart Fund has achieved abt S$400,000 for her to get her heart transplant in U.S. It shocked me although I dont know her or her mom. But she did touched my heart to help her indirectly. God knows whats best for us. Enclosed below, a clip i found in Youtube abt her death. (Al-fateha buat adik Adlea Ry'Kyla. Sesungguhnyer Syurga adalah tempat mu.)