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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today, as early as 4am, Im already awake as Qis was coughing away.. I couldnt sleep hearing her in such agony. I tapped her arm to make her fall asleep again n soothe her chest as well. But it seems the stubborn cough wont go away. Got up to get her medications, i gave her Ibrufen and her cough mixture as well as her temperature starts to go up. Instantly, i made up my mind to bring her to KK Children Hospital to get her check. 
Since, there's always a bad morning traffic jammed in CTE area heading towards KK, I decided to bring her there around 10am where traffic will be much better. 
We reached KK Children Hospital at abt 11am and I just need to wait fr about 15-20mins b4 I was attended. When my number was being called up, a normal routine check was conducted to Qis in the Triage area. Temperature at that moment was 38.9 degrees C. Immediately, she was given Paracetamol by the attending nurse n then was told to make payment and registration b4 my number/patient's name was being called. As I was making payment, Qis's name was being called and I immediately went over to the Emergency Area. Blood test was needed to determine that Qis doesnt have any dengue or other bacterial infection. And then we waited fr abt another 10mins b4 being called to see the doct. Xtray was recommended to see her chest area as she was having a rather bad cough. Once all done, we went over to the food court to get our lunch since we have to wait fr abt an hr for the blood test result. 
Done with our lunch, as I was changing Qis diapers, doct called to inform that the blood test result is with her already. Straight to the no. 12 door for the consultation, I was relieved that there's nothing serious based on the blood test result and the xtray. Qis is currently having a Viral Chest Infection and becos of that, she was having the fever n the bad cough that wont subside even aft a week. 
At the pharmacy I was given the medications that consist of 2 bottles of antibiotics, 1 bottle of runny nose medication, 1 bottle of salbutamol fr her cough n to open up her airway, 1 bottle of paracetamol and 1 bottle of Ibrufen. 
Looking at the medication and the doses, I know that I will have a hard time getting Qis to take everything up. And I was right, with just the antibiotics doses, she was already feeling like throwing up... just imagine fr an 18mths old  trying to swallow a 8.5ml antibiotics.. Ewwww... it taste yucky...
BUT, i managed to get her to swallow it although its difficult. 
While she's having this fever n cough, she didnt take much food. Just a little biscuits, rice n milk. It saddens me a lot, OK!! 
I pray to Allah that He will make my lil sweetie well soon as i couldnt bear to see her suffer like that. 
Ok lah, m gonna rest awhile b4 she's awake n cranky grumpy again. Pray for my lil one n hear frm me again with my nonsense-ness ya...:)!! Adios Amigos..... ;) ;)