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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A cold Wednesday

Its a cold morning to begin with.. but definitely my type of weather dat I loveeeeee...!!! Sleeping was good due to the cold weather but of course not a sleep-thru-the-nite type.. lol; milk feeding time of course. 

I was done with all my routine housework including cooking by 10.30am. Speedy gonzales u know.. lol. Dats due to skipping breakfast for me.. hahaha. My meal time are all haywired.. Skipping breakfast, late lunch and no dinner... urgghh... 

Father in law was all settled too including his medications. And Qis woke up at abt 11am, settled her n by noon I was already playing n have fun with Qis.

It became a cold n wet day at around 1pm.. Wind was gushing really strong and with Qis still awake, had to carry her along to  grab all the dried clothes dat were hanged outside to dry. Try to imagine, me carrying Qistina, running out of the house with really strong wind outside.. Well, not a good sight of me tho but Qis had so much fun looking at me like dat... and then still carrying Qis, with a pile of dried clothes all piled around me n Qis.. it was hilarious.. for me.. lol.

It was still drizzling when Danish came back.. running out frm the school bus into the house without closing the front gate.. n me running out of the house to close the front gate with Qistina sitting in her walker in front of the house door waiting fr a chance to get out of the house... it was a little chaos.

Diyan is still not back yet.. her co-curriculum today.. (Puteri Islam). While hub is in his morning shift which will end at 5pm later. 

Gonna go munch a few biscuits ... Stay tune.... ;) ;) :<3