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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last nite, I cudnt sleep well.. im not sure myself why lah... n furthermore i was kept awake every now n then by Qis... At abt 5.30am, i was 'shaken' by my hp alarm.. urghhhh!! it was really a drag to get myself up cos of my bloody migraine.. It's definitely come to visit each time i dun have enuff sleep. It suxs u know...

Cudnt bring myself to do all the housechores, i managed to settle my 2 kids to school, dust the furniture n sweep the floor. Once the kids were off to school, did my Subuh n went back to sleep - hoping dat the migraine will be gone. At abt 8am, dragged myself up (although still with a pounding head) to do the laundry. And now, Im done with everthing including cooking. I dun feel like eating rice today so its just a sardine dish. At least the kids n hub can eat that with rice while i took dat with prata. 

Qis was awake at abt 10am today. Got her settled (bath n feed). And hub is on aftnoon shift (1pm-10pm). Hub's off to work now, n Qis was cranky just now. Put her for her nap n she is upstairs in her cot now sleeping. Gonna get my head rest fr awhile b4 the other 2 comes back frm school.

Once they are back, gonna go get the dried laundry to fold. Den attend to my son for his revision time. Final exam's coming next wk b4 we head back to Singapore during the Deepavali holidays.

Will put in more story as hrs goes by... Stay tune... Ciaaooo!!