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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its a cold Thursday too...!!

Today its the same weather as few days back. Its pretty cold these days but... I LIOKEEEEEEEEE!!!!.....

This morning was really a rush one.. Settled the dirty clothings asap n cooked fr fil fast enuff dat by 9.30am, im done with both... reason is to go out to get some stuffs for my eldest gurl's camping needs... Yup, she is going camping tomorrow till sunday at Eco park in Dengkil. Ask me where, I dun even know where is dat.. lol. U must be wondering y i allowed my gurl to go when i dun even know where the place is... Well, i want her to have a feel away frm me n at the same time give her a chance to be independant. At times she's too clingy... Of course I love my kiddos.. but she's growing up, so she has to have a feel to be away frm me at times since I've already applied for her boarding school in Seri Puteri Cyberjaya for next yr onwards. How time flies, my eldest gurl is going to secondary soon.. *sob sob*. At times i just feel dat i dun have spend enuff time with my dearest soon-to-be teenage gurl..

Now, to another shocking news, I've just got to know that a fren of mine had just lost her daughter... Al-fateha to her lil girl. Rushed n warded to the hospital fr a fever n breatheless, she was resuscitated by the doctor in KK due to no pulse upon arrival. Gone into coma, she was being supported by the life machine. It hurts seeing the 10-yr old girl in dat state even I'm not close to her mom. Her mom was a schoolmate of mine frm Bedok Town Primary School n Ping Yi Secondary School. She was my junior tho. A wk has passed, n doctor reported that this lil girl (Farah Nurfaizah) was already brain dead and 0% survival. How shocking it may seem. 

And then the day came,(today) when my dear fren n hubby had to make the biggest decision of their life whether or not to pull the plug n they decided to... I was informed by her best fren regarding dat n abt 5mins later, received another shocking news dat lil Farah has already gone. She is simply too young to go thru such misery in the NICU in KK Hospital. May she rest in peace InsyaAllah... I have already plan that when I fly back to Singapore on the 22nd oct, Im gonna go n visit her.. but.......My hands were shaking upon receiving the news... 

To my dear fren Fazz, be strong as ur other kiddos need u too. This is part n parcel of life. Whats alive will definitely 'go back' to HIM one day. Ur lil Farah will definitely be waiting for u at the front door of Heaven InsyaAllah. Its not easy I know even I do not go thru such state. But I believe that ur a strong babe n supermom. My prayers are to her n ur whole family too. Be strong my dear Fazz....

Gotta go now.. lil Qis is screaming away, trying to get my attention to carry her.. 

Well, Im back here again to update. Just now was assisting my eldest gurl to pack her bag fr her camping tomorrow. And later I will have to pack Qistina's bag for tomorrow too. Will be going over to my sis in law's place cos her daughter (who is my niece-in-law.. i wonder is there such a word lol) is getting married on saturday n reception is on sunday. So this week will be a little busy for me. Juggling to assist to the wedding and attending to Qistina at the same time. Ohh ya!!! I nearly forgot... gonna have to charge my camera n videocam as well.... better do it now... Ciaaooooo!!!!