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Monday, October 10, 2011

A tiring Monday

Today, im awake as usual at 5.30am to settle everything - sweeping, moping, washing of dirty laundries and blah blah blah.... To be frank, Im still tired.. since Friday till Sunday was going to n fro to my sis-in-law's place due to her daughter's wedding. So many things to be done n yet so little time.... With me attending to my lil one n doing other things there, was slightly chaos there.

Dian was away fr her camping during dat particular occasion. So it was just hubby, my son Danish, lil Qistina and me. 

Currently, Im all done with all including cooking except for rice..hehehehe.. since Dian is at home  (ponteng school as she was too tired due to the camp), will asked her to cook some rice later. My dirty laundries are all hanged and seriously, its full house today... with home clothings of 2 days, lil Qistina's clothings, Dian's camping clothes... urggghhh.... (terkial2 nak lipat later)

Right now, both daughters are still asleep.. lol. (Anak dara aper tido sampai tengahari ek...).... hehehehe. 

Hub's on full shift today, so its a 9am-9pm work for him. Fil is at sil's house. Asked him to follow us back home yesterday but he doesnt want.. maybe its due to my mil is there at my sil hs. (rindu agaknyer tu). 

K lah, gonna go n get ready for Qistina's normal stuffs... bath her, feed her... at least, i wont be rushing doing everything once she is really awake.. *wink wink*.

Will update again soon ya... Stay tuned.....