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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The beginning of January 2011

Today, the day begins with a little chaos even though school started yesterday. Yesterday, Dian went to school without Danish as he is not well enuff to start his school day again this yr. Anyway, he's better now. Dats when my life begins with a little chaos. As usual, i was already wide n awake at 5.30am. Woke both kids up while the Qis was still asleep after her milk. Was about to go down to the hall when Qis woke up again. Carried her down as well n placed her on the sofa while I prepared breakfast for her sis n bro. Once the school bus arrived, off they went. Hopefully everything went well for them at school.

Sent Qis to the clinic as she was showing signs of not being well aft her Hep B jab last sunday. Thank God, doc said that Qis doesnt have any phlegm in her lungs. Anyway, due to the sleepless nites and tiredness.. I have lost lots of weight. Slim down a lot as wat my hub said... ;) ;) ;)

Right now, Im a little relax as not cooking today. Bought some dish back for the kids n me to eat later. Clothes are all washed n soon to be ready fr folding.

Hub is on aftnoon shift n will be back in the evening at 10.

Overall, today is a bit relax for me even though there are stuffs to be done...