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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Already

Wow, time flies really fast. Its already Thursday b4 u know it. Wont elaborate on the usual routine tho as its as the usual boring routine. For now, Im done with everything except cooking. Qis is still sleeping so cant do much like blending the onions n etc.

Anyway, with lil precious around, I've been missing the romantic moments with hub. Wud love some time alone with hub without the kids around. I simply have to hope and wait fr that moment to come.

Well, enuf with the talkings abt me, Qis who is already 1mth 11days old, a cute n sweet lil gurl. She smiles when I talk to her. At times, she coos. Such an adorable princess she is. The 38wks of heaviness in my tummy and 24hrs of labor agony really paid off.