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Monday, December 27, 2010

Back home after a mth at parents' place

Today, my chaos life starts. Im already back to my own Home Sweet Home. More than a month I was at parents' place during my late pregnancy n also aft the birth of my sweet little princess Qistina Qaisarah. Finally aft 38 weeks of waiting the love seed of me n my beloved hubby, she pops out of me aft 24hrs of agony in the delivery suite. With hubby by my side, soothing n giving me the encouragement n strength to push Qis out of me.

Anyway, life was tiring at first once i got back frm hospital. Sleepless nites, tiring body, etc.... Even though this is my 3rd child, its kind of tiring due to a 7 yrs break frm baby chaos.

A little summary to what happen during the labour. I went to KK hospital for my induced labour at 1.30am 1st of December. Checked myself into the delivery suite, the gynae then put me to my 1st tab to dilate my cervix. A few hrs later, contractions started to build up. Without any pain relief, i gave myself encouragement dat i can do this without any of it. Aft nearly abt 5 hrs, the gynae came back n checked on me. But unfortunately, the cervix was still 1cm. She told me dat she will come back again later n if it still remains as 1cm, 2nd tab will be given to me exactly 12hrs aft the 1st tab. With my prays n fingers crossed, I was hoping that there will be some improvement to my cervix. But..owhh owhh, my cervix seemed doesnt want my baby to be out yet. It remained as 1cm even aft 12hrs. 2nd tab was inserted n I have to wait again. With the contractions getting more painful n longer, i keep telling myself dat I can do this.. I can do this... With my tense face, I stand the pain but it broke my hub's heart to see me in such great agony. A last minute decision of caesa even crossed to my mind as the pain was really unbearable without any pain relief. I couldn't take any laughing gas due to my history of asthma. The nurse suggested to me to take the jab n aft much persuasion, I agreed. With 1 jab on my right thigh, it just soothe me a tiny, winy time. The gynae then came again to check on me at abt 5pm n told me its still 1cm dilate. My goodness...!!!! Y arent my cervix opening...??!!! She said that later on at 1.30am if its still 1cm, the 3rd tab will be inserted. I was bursting with tears with the pain, the agony n the waiting. Only God knows how it felt. At abt 11pm, the gynae came n checked on me 1 last time before her shift ends n said that its already 3cm dilate but baby's head was still high up. With 3cm dilated, I finally get to use my life saving epidural. To cut it short, aft epidural was inserted for abt 10mins and relieved me fr abt 10mins compare to the 21hrs of pain, I suddenly felt the bearing down sensation. With some panic feeling, I asked hubby to call my personalized nurse. She came n checked n told that cervix is already 8cm now. Wow!!! Dat was fast..!!! In just abt 20mins from the last time my cervix was being checked, it opened frm 3cm to 8cm. The nurse then told me to hang on while she called the gynae to burst my water bag. But b4 she managed to get the gynae back to me, my waterbag burst. Out my hubby went to get the nurse again. She came back n confirmed my waterbag had burst. She started to get ready for the birth n at exactly abt 1am, the contractions was really2 close n she started to assist me to when i should push. Within 30 mins, my little princess was already placed on my tummy crying out loud. She was such a cutie. Happiness filled the air at that time... There she was born on the 2nd December @1.30am with a weight of 3.09kg. Much smaller than my other 2 kids who were born at 3.8kg n 3.5kg.

So far, I'm still trying to cope with the routine n time. Im usually done with all housework n cooking by noon.. but with a baby around, it took me till 3pm before I finally able to eat my lunch. And also thanks to my darling daughter Diyan for helping me out during the day. My dearest hubby also plays a part in helping me out.

Hub's on morning shift today. Pity him as he must be tired cos we have just came back from SG yesterday.. **Yawn** Im feeling really tired n sleepy today. Gonna take a break n will be back again...