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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Blues

A great day to start the week, well at least a nice weather to start the week. I was always up as usual for Qis milk time. After the kids went to school, I start my daily routine of chores n was all done by 12 noon. Dat includes giving Qis her nice warm bath.

Today, I did everything fast n smoothly. At least when Im done like this, I can concentrate on the other 2 once they are back frm school.

Now at 2.55pm, Dian n Danish are back frm school already n Danish had taken his lunch. His favourite dish: Fishball soup. He doesnt have any homework but for Dian, loads n loads of homework to be done. This yr will be a stressful year for her. Qis is currently sleeping..yup sleeping.

It just started to rain ... rather heavily tho. Washed clothes are not fully dried yet. I just took wateva dat's already dried, mainly Qis clothes. Hub's is on morning shift today n will be back at 5pm. Going out later to get Dian's passport size photo as per requested by her school.

Well, dat's it for now. Am gonna have my rest while Qis is still sleeping. Will continue later or maybe when my time is available... Ciaoooo....