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Friday, January 7, 2011

A cold Thursday

A cold weather to start the day. It rained as early as 6am. From the look of the sky, its gonna be a gloomy day today. Nice to be cosy tho. Ahakz. Its 8.30am now, Dian n Danish are both at school rite now. Qis is nicely tug n sleeping. At least this is the time that I can get my own things done. Hub is on his way to Shah Alam Immigration to settle the kids student passes' n my long term pass as well. Not sure if he can get Qis long term pass as well today.

Hub called awhile ago n informed a bad traffic jam at Bandar Kinrara area.. Hopefully he can be there on time as hub's working aftnoon shift again today.

While doing this, Im actually thinking of what to cook for today. Geezzz, brain's stop working to think of wat to cook when Im 70% tired. Yes, 70% tired!!! My head's spinning due to lack of sleep rite now. Thanks to Qis for that, Ha Ha...

Well, finally all chores done.