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Friday, January 7, 2011

Its Friday Already

Wow!! Time flies really fast. Its been a week since school started.  Anyway, today mom's not cooking due to some leftovers frm yesterday's cooking. Slept rather late last nite as Qis wasnt asleep till 12.30am. Finally when she fall asleep, i get to have my slumber too. But..... at 4am I was up n awake again already. Getting ready fr Qis milk time. After that, I wasnt able to get to sleep again. Yeah..worried that I might overslept fr Dian's n Danish's school.

Anyway, as early as 6am, Danish made my blood boiled. Not sure wats wrong with him tho. A sudden silence was given when was told to wear his jacket. Patience was already at the edge n there....Whackkk!!!! It goes. Yes, he got wat he deserved for pissing me off early in the morning.

After the kids went to school, I wasnt able to get my slumber again n gave Qis her milk at 7am. Once done, I was already on the routine chores as usual.

And now just to share something, Im sleepy!!!!!.... My eyes are droopy, heavy, puffy n blurry. Had to wear my specs just to watch tv again which I usually dont have to. I really need my nice long sleep again but I guess I just have to wait for that moment to come again; which Im not sure when myself. Ha Ha.

Anyway, Dian's starting to feel not so good. She's been sneezing a lot just now. Hopefully she will be alright. Already given her medications. I myself is not feeling good too but pls God, dun make me sick. I'll make sure tonite I have an early bedtime just to boost up my immune system.